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Devin Laubi Foundation

Providing financial assistance to families of children with cancer

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Devin Laubi Foundation - Testimonials

Noah Daigle

"Hello there, my name is Sarah Daigle and I'm the mother of this superhero Noah! I wanted to say thank you so much for your very generous check you sent to help us out! This has been a 3 year long journey battling neuroblastoma and it's been one heck of a roller coaster of a ride. He is doing great and feeling good and that's all we can hope for!

We don't take one second for granted and live for each day! Without foundations like yours we would have been out of our house 3 years ago! With the help of our family, friends and these foundations it has kept us afloat and strong when things get tough. Thank you so much for all you do we appreciate it more than words can ever express!! God bless!"


- The Daigle Family

Victoria Gonzalez

" Our daughter was diagnosed with Leukemia in February 25, 2020. I have been out of work since then. We were truly blessed today when we received your donation, it was truly God sent!


- Carmen Gonzalez

Maddox Almeida

" We received your letter in the mail. I just wanted to say thank you so much for your generous donation and gift card, it is greatly appreciated. We are so grateful and blessed!!!

I have sent a picture of Maddox in this email."

Thank you so much again,

- Brittany Almeida

" Thank you for your generous contribution to help with our daughter's fight against cancer. It is especially helpful now with all the uncertainty and scariness around."

- The Marchetti Family

Dylan Berio

" Thank you so much for your overly generous check and gift cards. We will use it for Dylan's care and trips into Boston. I think we will let him get something fun for himself with the Amazon gift card.

Thank you for having your foundation to help so many kids and their families. Thank you for sharing Devin and his story with us. He shines through all of you.

Here is a picture of Dylan - my love and my world!

Words just aren't enough to express our gratitude. "

With hugs and love,

- Dawn, Phil, Dylan, & Hayden Berio

Zak Bishop and family

" Thank you so Much for the Donation!! We appreciate it so so much!! Here is a photo of my Strong Warrior Zak and the others in my Wonderful Family!! Thank you again!! God Bless!! "

Thank you,

- Tina Bishop (Zak's Mom)

"God Bless you lovely lady. We checked the mail (my husband and I have been rush packing since a couple days ago) and received your envelope!! Thank you from the fullness of my heart. We are screaming thank you!!!!! Such a thoughtful and awesome love gift. I don't have words. "

Thank you,

- Junteen (Izaiah's Mom)

Isaiah Perez

"I want to take this time and thank you for your kind donation and gift to Isaiah. This has taken a huge burden away from us especially now that we just relocated, and being a single mother of 3, it is no easy task. Isaiah enjoyed and loved his gifts. This means so much to us, as you was able to put a smile on his face. (This picture was taken the day he received his gifts via mail)."

Thank you so much,

- Brenda Perez

Raylan Montijo

"Good morning love, I wanted to reach out and tell you once again thank you for your love and support to our family. I am always touched when someone helps us out of the trenches. I am deeply touched and left speechless and in tears when that someone is a stranger. We appreciate your foundation's help tremendously. It is always the strangers who end up being extended family members and a part of our village. We are honored to have you in our lives. If we ever find ourselves on the East Coast we will definitely seek you out to hug your neck. Until then your gonna have to accept a virtue hug.

We would love to send you a photo of us in front of our new home when we move in if that would be okay with you. You played a huge part in helping us be able to make this move and not end up homeless once again.

Raylan loved his package, especially his cars. Thank you for that. Until we meet, take care of you and your family. And once again thank you, your foundation, and everyone involved in helping us during these trying times."

God Bless,

- Elizabeth Montijo

Felix Soares

"God Bless you lovely lady. We checked the mail (my husband and I have been rush packing since a couple days ago) and received your envelope!! Thank you from the fullness of my heart. We are screaming thank you!!!!! Such a thoughtful and awesome love gift. I don't have words."

Thank you, have a great weekend

- Chayse's Mom


"Thank you so much for what you've done for our family. The gas cards, the check, the blanket & carrot hat. God bless you."

- Hannah (Sean's Mom)

Felix Soares

"Thank you so much for your donation and the gifts for my son Felix in our family, and the other kids. You guys are amazing! I can't tell you how much this is going to help."

Thank you so much!

- Heidi (Felix's Mom)

Tiffany & JaMarcus King

"I wanted to say thank you thank you thank you so much... I received a check from you and I can't thank you enough... You have no idea the blessing you have been to this family.

I hope your holiday is a blessed as you have blessed my family. I can't stop crying... You truly are an angel. We love you soo much! Thank you soooo much! Take care."

- Tiffany & JaMarcus King

"Hi Robin, Thank u so much and a big hug to u for sending JaMarcus gifts and financial assistance to me! Omg u r a blessing and he loves the cars. We had to open it last night lol becuz he just couldn't resist and he put his blanket on his bed already! He totally made our day. Thank u so much. I need the money so bad too. I don't have a bank account, but no worries I'm going to get it cashed so there is a chance u may get a call verifying u sent me the check. Again, thank u so much. U truly r a blessing from God!"

- JaMarcus' Mom

"Robin & The Devin Laubi Foundation, Thank you so much! This was so unexpected but so appreciated! We can't even begin to express how grateful we are and how much this will help us during this time! Chloe and her brother were ecstatic to open the box full of gifts! They loved the Legos and especially thought the chickens and chicken book were awesome!! The gifts were so thoughtful of you!! The coloring book is going to come in very handy during Chloe's upcoming treatments. This is proving to be much harder to go through the second time around! Thank you,"

- Lindsay, Harrison, Wyatt, and especially Chloe

"Dear Robin, Thank you so very much for your generosity! Annie loved all her special gifts. Words can't define my gratitude! Your generosity has touched me deeply. I strongly believe in paying it forward - and that I will do. With warmest gratitude"

- Tricia Flaherty

Devin Laubi Foundation testimonialDevin Laubi Foundation testimonial

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"Dear Robin and the Devin Laubi Foundation, Wow! We do not know where to begin! Since learning about our daughter Olivia's brain tumor in February, we have truly been on that emotional roller coaster ride people talk about. The stress, fear, and anxiety this disease brings to surface is overwhelming! But we have found it also brings out love, support, compassion, generosity, and hope!

After reading about your son Devin and his journey, we were so touched because our Olivia was diagnosed with the most aggressive form of medulloblastoma, too. With everything your family, friends, and support system have dealt with for over a decade, you still pay it forward to other families. You are true heroes and Devin is an incredible inspiration! We hope to be an inspiration to others and help fight this awful disease so that no child (or adult) will ever have to fight this battle.

We can not thank you enough for your generosity and support of Olivia! She loves her Bubble Guppies!!! She is our little fighter. To see her smile and hear her laugh is all we need to help us get [through] the tough times. We tell her all the time she has no idea how strong she is, but soon she will come to understand that strength. Thank you so much! All our love,"

- Andrea, Jason, & Olivia

Devin Laubi Foundation testimonial

"We just opened your package. Holy moly!!! That was a lot! It will be a huge help and the kids love their gifts!!! You guys are an amazing organization! Thank you so much. I have attached a few photos of Maddie - feel free to use them. Xoxo. Thank you,"

- Amanda Johnson

Devin Laubi Foundation testimonialDevin Laubi Foundation testimonial

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"Dear Robin, It is with a very grateful heart that we say thank you for your generous donation to our family through the Devin Laubi Foundation.

Thank you for allowing my husband and I to be by Luke's side during this devastating time. His first time diagnosis of leukemia was hard enough, but with his relapse and additional bacterial meningitis diagnosis, I am so ready to have my family together under one roof.

Luke continues to improve each day, but still has a very long recovery process ahead of him. Again, thank you so much for your donation. With many thanks,"

- The Bradley Family (Ryan, Nikki, Luke, Caleb, and Eli)

"We would like to thank you for helping my family and I through a difficult time. We are very thankful and very grateful. We were very happy to catch up with our rent and utilities. We are very thankful for your organization. Reaching out to families with childhood cancer is very helpful and inspiring. Thanks for everything. My daughter enjoyed all of her toys. She enjoys playing with them every day. Thanks again,"

- Shadanay Collins & Family

"Hi Robin... I got your package, I want to thank you and your family from my heart. You brought tears to my eyes, God bless you. My mortgage was two months late; thanks to you, that is paid. Love to read about your little Angel... may God give you strength. I am so sorry for your pain. Kiana is like my kid - I couldn't imagine my life if something happened to her. She loves her stuff - she thanks you very much and I thank you and your family. God bless you all - big hugs from my heart!"

- Kiana's Family

"I wanted to thank you again for all of the gifts you sent Anthony and for the financial assistance for the family. It really helps and I'm sure Devin would be so proud you are carrying on his legacy in such a profound way. We thank you again from the bottom of our hearts."

- Anthony's Family

"Thank you so much! We are so thankful! Organizations like this make these impossible times a little easier!

- Estelle's Family

"We want to thank you so much for the financial assistance from the Devin Laubi Foundation. We are so grateful that you reached out to us and provided us with this generous support. I read Devin's story and was touched by Devin's and your family's beautiful spirit. I am so inspired by you, Robin, and the fact that you are continuing Devin's sweetness and light through this wonderful organization. We never expected to be dealing with this horrible disease, but people like you help us to keep going every day."

- Elisabeth Harrington & Family

Devin Laubi Foundation testimonialDevin Laubi Foundation testimonial

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"I would like to thank you for the assistance your foundation provided for my family, you don't know how much it's going to help me. I am so behind on my bills. I also want to thank you for your prayers.

When I saw Devin's picture it made me smile, he was a very cute little boy. You must be very proud of him, to be battling cancer and still thinking of others, not every child thinks that way. The reason why I think he was the way he was is because of you his parents. I know we only spoke for a minute, but I know you are a very special person to help families after your loss and know that is not easy, when you lose a child you just want to give up. Now I am fighting my daughter's cancer and I will not let her give up. Robin, maybe Devin is watching over my family.

Once again thank you, from my family to yours have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I will keep Devin in my heart forever."

- Mary Cruz

"I am moved. Moved beyond words. I came home after a long day of work to your package. I can't even begin to tell you how touching this is for our family. What you are doing in Devin's memory is one of the most beautiful acts of kindness I have ever witnessed in my life. As I sit here tonight in a puddle of tears, I feel so blessed and thankful that God has, through Jackson's journey, led me to people and organizations like yours. My husband and I would love to be part of this cause. Please please keep us informed of your upcoming events and anything we can help with we would be honored. Thank you for allowing us to experience your guardian angel in such a special way. We look forward to meeting you in person and helping in any way we can with this amazing cause!! With sincere gratefulness,"

- Jackson's Family

"I want to express my sincere thanks to you as a mother and as president of this wonderful foundation. My family and I are grateful for your help, your prayers and for all those people who donate one way or another to help this Foundation is worthy of admiration. Thank you very much for the gifts, the time and support. Thanks!"

- Victor's Mom

"Words can not express how thankful we are to you and your foundation. The money could not have come at a time that was needed any more than we received it. I am very thankful because of you and your foundation we were able to pay some bills and be able to take Daniel out for the day and buy him a special gift."

- Daniel's Mom

"I just want to tell you thank you so much for the wonderful donation and how you are able to help families for such a great cause. We have high hopes that Lexy will beat this. It is unfortunate she lost her left leg in August to remove the tumor and we hope in 9 days she will be able to walk again its been awhile, she will undergo chemo until February 2011 at the Jimmy Fund in Boston and we hope to be cancer free. Alexis is 14 yrs old and was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma (bone cancer) in May. She is an amazing young lady with great spirits, was very active in sports and is always smiling even on her worst days. We have a long road ahead of us, but our saying is Never Give Up... Keep Believing."

- Lexy's Mom

Devin Laubi

Devin Laubi

"I prayed and asked God to help get Ben and Bailey to NY and he answered my prayers with one little envelope. I cried because of the generous, loving, kind, compassionate parents of a little boy that I will remember for the rest of my life, a little boy named Devin. I cried for the loss of such a sweet little boy and for his parents. I was brought to my knees the day I opened that letter...

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for 'giving back' to Daxter and his family. I can begin to describe the impact you have had on this family. From Ben, Bailey, Daxter and myself, we can't thank you enough for loving them so much. We can't thank you enough for taking such a devastating time in your own lives and turning it around so that Daxter can get to NY for treatment.

The joy you brought to myself and this family through this support, can only be described as Joy the Lord Brings... the gift from Devin, has dramatically changed the picture of NY for the Rosewicz family and for that we are grateful to the Laubi's and to the Lord."

- Daxter's Parents

"We don't have words to express our thanks from the bottom of our hearts when we thought all doors were closed to help. Your foundation opened up our hearts. We're writing this letter personally to thank you for the blessing and donation of helping us to pay our rent. We want to express our sincere appreciation to everybody at Devin Laubi Foundation for their support and kindness. Your generous gift took some weight off our shoulders. You will forever be in our hearts and prayers for the help you're giving us. The greatest benefit of all, I hope, is the feeling you get knowing that your foundation helped Nicholas."

- Nicholas's Parents

"We can't even begin to thank you for your most generous gift to us during this most difficult time. We have seen first hand just how loving and supportive people can be when you need them. Your support will never be forgotten and we will do our part to 'Pay It Forward' when we are able to."

- Emma's Parents

"It was really nice to talk with you last night. After we spoke, my husband and I visited your website and together we read (re-read) Devin's heartbreaking story and sobbed with and for you all. It's amazing what your family is doing for others. Remarkable, truly in light of the loss you suffered. I honestly don't know that I could do it. Devin is beautiful. We were so glad to read about your experience at Hasbro... we could not agree more. We are blessed to be there. Thank you so much for what you do, your teaching us a lot about the strength of the human spirit and how to conduct ourselves during and after our fight."

- Tucker's Mom

"Words cannot express how thankful we are for Devin's generous gift. It has been life altering for us, allowing me to spend more time home with my son as we try to heal and make sense of our circumstances.... Jacob's cancer has brought him pain and obstacles an 8 year-old boy should never endure, yet it has surrounded him with beautiful souls like you both."

- Jacob's Parents

"We received your donation today, it brought tears to my eyes. Thank you is not enough to say. It gives me such feelings of relief, to not worry how everything will be paid. Thank you again for the prayers too. It was so nice to be able to talk to someone that's been through it."

- Owyn's Mom

"I don't know how to thank you for the generous gift... I couldn't’t believe it...that is going to help me so so much!! Again thank you for that financial help... things I needed to do ... are much easier now... thank you, thank you, thank you."

- Evan's Mom

"Thank you for your generous donation to our family. It allowed us to place our focus where it needed to be, on Colleen. I can’t express to you what a gift and a relief it was to not worry about bills. Thank you so much for all that you do. You must have touched many, many lives. You will be in our hearts."

- Colleen's Parents

"I feel grateful to you and Devin’s Foundation, for helping to take such a huge burden off my shoulders, one that I know you understand. In your short letter you made me feel, for the first time in months, like someone really knew me. Thank you again for your kindness and generosity. May God bless you in return! You and Devin will forever be in our thoughts and our hearts! Because of Devin you made a difference to us!"

- Ethan's Parents

"We are speechless and can never fully express our gratitude toward the Devin Laubi Foundation. Cameron will grow up hearing Devin’s story and about the greatness of one truly amazing little man."

- Cameron's Parents

"I really can’t begin to tell you how much we appreciate you helping out our friend’s son. He was very overwhelmed by your generosity and found it hard to talk about. If anyone is deserving, they are."

- Friend Of J. Justin

"Thank you so much for your generous support in our difficult time. It is comforting to know we have the support of a family that has faced the same things we are."

- J. Justin's Parents

"Thank you very much for the donation to Aidan. We really appreciate it. I was telling Aidan he has a guardian angel named Devin looking out for him."

- Aidan's Parents

"We just got your package. Thank you so much. You are fantastic. We hope to be able to pay all the love and support forward as we come through this difficult time. God bless you for your heart for children and families battling cancer."

- Luke's Parents