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Devin Laubi Foundation

Providing financial assistance to families of children with cancer

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Parent To Parent Cancer Support

This is a place where parents and caregivers can talk to someone that is going through or has been through what you may be dealing with for your child. Many of you were happy that you had someone to talk to, other than medical personnel.

Over the years I have spoken with the parents of all families we have assisted. The way you got to the diagnosis is similar. Cancer is not frequently suspected as the culprit for the symptoms presented. You will be surprised that most of the treatments use the same chemotherapy drugs, in different doses and timelines.

All the children have had a biopsy, hospital stays and operations. Parents need someone to talk to, bounce ideas off of or know that you are not alone or going crazy. After the kids go to bed and you think you are going to relax, your mind is still spinning with what is next. Most people do not truly understand the capacity in which this new reality consumes your everyday living.

The parents below do know and are willing to help. If you would like to contact them, please initiate through their e-mail.

Contact Robin Burns if you would like to become a parent supporter.